Week 42, Days 288-294

Here’s Week 42:

{288/365}: Rock climbing with a view


{289/365}: Multi-tasking on the road (iPhone)IMG_4678

{290/365}: Pittsburgh sunrise at the Westin (iPhone)IMG_4684

{291/365}: Gorgeous skies at O’Hare (iPhone)IMG_4685

{292/365}: Magnadoodle on the kitchen floor (because why not?)DSC_0421

{293/365}: Purple (iPhone)IMG_4689

{294/365}: Ready for HalloweenDSC_0433

Week 41, Days 281-287

Here’s Week 41:

{281/365}: What are hotel beds for, if not for jumping on them?


{282/365}: Reading with papaDSC_0090

{283/365}: Night-time view out my window (iPhone)IMG_4645

{284/365}: Rainy version (iPhone)IMG_4665

{285/365}: Heading home (iPhone)IMG_4667

{286/365}: MagnadoodleDSC_0137

{287/365}: The fam in Boston out for a walkDSC_0304

Week 40, Days 274-280

Here’s Week 40:

{274/365}: A quiet morning with the beastie


{275/365}: A quick sunset before heading off to PittsburghDSC_0026

{276/365}: Chatting with my girl over homework (iPhone)IMG_4638

{277/365}: Airport sunset (iPhone)IMG_4640

{278/365}: Shenanigans over homeworkDSC_0041

{279/365}: My ZoybeanDSC_0047

{280/365}: My love on the LOVE statue at the place that will always hold a special place in our heartsDSC_0065

Week 39, Days 267-273

Here’s Week 39, it was a tough one…

{267/365}: Hanging with dadiDSC_9838

{268/365}: It was a tough day at schoolDSC_9842

{269/365}: First night in Pittsburgh (iPhone)IMG_4622

{270/365}: Morning rays (iPhone)IMG_4629

{271/365}: Heading home (iPhone)IMG_4630.jpg{272/365}: Pre-dinner playground and walk on the pierDSC_9926

{273/365}: Tennis peanutDSC_9931

Week 38, Days 260-266

Here’s Week 38 (last one before I get on the road again through the end of the year):

{260/365}:  My girl’s growing up


{261/365}: Reading before bedReading before bed #peanut #lifewithapeanutandazoybean

{262/365}: Under the dinner tableDSC_9703

{263/365}: A little card game before bedDSC_9711

{264/365}: Dinner shenanigansDinner shenanigans #zoybean #peanut #lifewithapeanutandazoybean

{265/365}: Glowing girl at the piano (100 days to go!)DSC_9749

{266/365}: I asked her to close the blinds, this is what I got…  sass, all the time!DSC_9783

Week 37, Days 253-259

Here’s Week 37 (bit of a tough week from a photography POV, but still soldiered through):

{253/365}: Post party…  All she wanted to do was hold the balloons

So many balloons!  She was thrilled #zoybean #lifewithapeanutandazoybean

{254/365}: Sunrise in LGA (iPhone)IMG_4600

{255/365}: Back to NY (iPhone)IMG_4604

{256/365}: 3rd day of school (because I missed the 1st)DSC_9625

{257/365}: Preppy zoybean ready for schoolPreppy #zoybean, ready for school #lifewithapeanutandazoybean

{258/365}: Grand central (iPhone) IMG_4612

{259/365}: Zoybean’s first ice cream (no, not vegan)


Week 36, Days 246-252

Here’s Week 36, back to reality:

{246/365}: Heading home, goodbye Tetons (iPhone)


{247/365}: Peanut at the window, last night before school#peanut at the window #lifewithapeanutandazoybean

{248/365}: 1st day of 2nd grade1st day of second grade (Tuesday) #peanut #lifewithapeanutandazoybean

{249/365}: sisters at the pianoDSC_9532

{250/365}: Watching the world outside#zoybean watching the world outside #lifewithapeanutandazoybean

{251/365}: Usual late night window shot, post-20 hour trip to Texas (iPhone)IMG_4592

{252/365}: Dancing in the gazeboDSC_9558