March 10-on-10

Can’t believe we’re almost halfway through March already, though the warm spring-like weather certainly helps make it real.  Weather aside, it also means I have very little time left before I head back to work, so I’m soaking up every last bit of it and enjoying my time at home with the girls.

February was focused on trying some new things with my camera, especially exploring some different kinds of light (at least in part due to a natural light class I took).  I had a pretty hard time choosing my top 10 this month, had about 15 in mind.  But I think sometimes it’s good for me to learn to whittle down and to really hold out for the shot as I envisioned it.  And other times, it’s just important that I got the shot and captured the moment or the light (or both) and the technical piece doesn’t matter so much.

So here they are, my favorites from February:

February 2016_252February 2016_246February 2016_154aFebruary 2016_518February 2016_554February 2016_1040aFebruary 2016_717aFebruary 2016_477aFebruary 2016_850aFebruary 2016_1042a

This post is part of a blog circle, so follow along and check out my friend Mandalyn’s lovely pictures here.

11 thoughts on “March 10-on-10

  1. Your littles are so incredibly precious!! The image with you littlest one in the striped leggings – omgoodness, what an awesome capture of pure joy!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  2. I love each one of these, Elizabeth. I can tell you chose these images with intention because each one is illuminated with such gorgeous light. My favorites are the one of your white-clad twirler (so precious) and that foot-in-mouth shot. 😉


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